• Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

    Traditional Turkish dish with a tweak to add on more avor. Savour it with your chips, atbread or even by itself.

  • Turkish Delight

    You can find Turkish Delight in almost every home at Istanbul. Savour it with a cup of tea anytime of the day.

  • Natural Delight: Medjool Dates

    Natural Delight’s Medjools dates are not only moist but they are unbelievably tasty. To top it off, these wonderful fruits contain 50% more potassium than bananas

  • Masak-Masak Class Schedule July - August

    Join us for Masak-masak classes with Chef Christine, Mabel and Wee Nee from Sugar.

  • Malaya Kitchen

    This traditional kitchen hosts some of the most authentic Malaysian flavours from curries, spices and herbs to the most cherished traditional old-styled goodies.

  • Three Twins Ice Cream

    Three Twins makes inconceivably delicious ORGANIC ice-cream.